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Affiliate Disclosure

We here at The Daily Homesteader use affiliate links inside our blogs and for some of our ads.  What does that all mean?  Super simple…it just means that the link has some code that tells the shop or website that we sent you there and, if you do end up buying something, we get a small commission for that sale.  We do that on products that we know and have used.  We go and sign up for that affiliate program so when we mention that product or service, we link to it using our affiliate link.

This is just a way for that company to expand their reach instead of paying for ads, and also support websites that bring them traffic that buys.

If you know us here at The Daily Homesteader, you know that we would NEVER sell our souls just to make some cash on a janky product.  We aren’t into that at all.  When we put links out or do reviews, we try to tell you the full truth and not waste your time and money.

So, this is our Affiliate Disclosure.  Simple and to the point without legal wording.  Just know: 1) Ads are either paid or affiliate linked 2) Links could be affiliate links 3) Reviews products and services could have been paid or given free but we will be upfront and honest with our reviews.

We say all of this so you can be fully informed of how we make our money here at The Daily Homesteader.  We have nothing to hide.  We don’t mind making some money on referrals.

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